Ferdinand Almalvez

I’m the king.

TV, commercials, features, and documentaries – I tackle them all with great vengeance and furious anger. My background in music brought me into the world of sound recording. I always push myself and my craft, looking forward to challenges in this industry.

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The Shower (2014) | Broken Water Pictures

Beside Myself (2013) | Phoenix Features

No Horizon (2012) | DeskFlip Productions


Arsenio Hall: Upclose (2014) | CBS

Player VS Gamer (2014) | Gamespot

Happify (2014) | Will & Tale

The Recycler (2014) | Stray Angel Films

Hooked Up (2014) | CBS Brand Studio

Lexus Spotlight Series (2014) | Pub Creative

Hyundai Live Series (2013) | Pub Creative

Game Of Thrones: Takeover” (2013) | HBO

AOL Shingerviews (2013) | Studio Now

Hotwheels: Worlds Greatest Driver” (2013) | Bandito Bros.

GarStarts With You (2013) | CBS Brand Studio


ET Exclusive: Little Rascals (2015) | CBS

Visit California (2014) | CBS

Jim Hensons Creature Shop (2014) | SyFy

Panoramica (2014) | Pivot

Say Anything (2014) | Eye Media Group

Chris & Jessi’s American Makeover (2014) | Znake Jones

Dead Clean (2014) | Lime Pictures

Cheat Day (2014) | Studio Lambert

Shooting Gallery (2014) | Outdoor Channel

Emmy Nominee Spotlight (2013) | CBS

Fat Cops (2013) | Endemol

All In (2013) | All 3 Media

Penn & Teller: Tell A Lie (2011) | Discovery Channel

Short Notice (2012) | MNET

Mashbox (2012) ABS-CBN


Helio (2015) | I.E. Effects

At The Seashore (2014) | MGradek

Hair (2014) | Marrero Productions

Mr. Poleman Wants To Fit In (2013) | Dauden

To Be Continued… (2013) | KlubalTurn

The Morning After (2013) | Flying Renaud

1426 Chelsea Street (2012) | Alana Brown




Lexus Enform (2015) | Pub Creative

Lexus: So Smart (2014) | Pub Creative

Purina Beneful: Jugar! (2013) | Telemundo



Zaxcom Nomad Lite 10-Track Recorder
Sound Devices 302 Compact Field Mixer
TASCAM HD-P2 Timecode Recorder
TASCAM DR-70 DSLR Audio Recorder


Sennheiser MKH-416 Shotgun Mic
Sennheiser MKH-50 Supercardioid Mic
Oktava MK-012 Hypercardiod Mic
Audio Technica AT897 Shotgun Mic
DPA 4061 Omni Lavalier Microphones
Sanken COS-11D Omni Lavalier Mics
Countryman B6 Omni Lavalier Mic


WisyCom MCR42S Wireless Receivers
WisyCom MTP40 Wireless Transmitters
Lectrosonics UCR211 Wireless Receivers
Lectrosonics UM200a/c Wireless Transmitters
Sennheiser G3 Series Wireless Systems
Comtek IFB Transmitter and Receivers



15′ & 8′ K-Tek Lightweight Boom Poles
Rycote Full Windshield Protection System
Rycote BBG Windshield for Short Mics
K-Tek & Rycote Shockmounts
Assorted Rycote Wind Protection



Lightweight Mixer Bags
Remote Audio Battery Distribution System
Versaflex Heavy Duty Audio Harness
MozeGear TIG Timecode Generators
Production Slate (Conventional)
Production Cart


Sennheiser HD251-ii Professional Headphones
Sony MDR-7510 Professional Headphones
Sony MDR-7506 Professional Headphones
Assorted Portable Headphones for IFB
Fostex Portable Field Monitors


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